Keep Christ in Christmas

A "Keep Christ in Christmas" campaign over a number of years has been coordinated by the Ingham Branch. The most recent promotion being a striking poster of the nativity scene. Posters are available to all Branches nationally for placing in shop windows, staff notice boards, churches, and schools to illustrate the true meaning of Christmas throughout our community. Cost is $1 including handling and postage. Orders can be placed through PO Box 552, Ingham, Queensland 4850 or Tel: 0407 635 175. This presents a great opportunity to be involved in a wonderful Christmas Campaign and support Pope Francis's new evangelisation. Together we can accomplish far more than any of us could individually.

Keep Christ in Christmas' stickers on A4 size sheets available for promoting this Knights message with your Christmas card postage this year.

- There are 92 stickers to an A4 sheet.
- By folding or cutting these sheets in half, it results in a good size for mailing via Australia Post quantities of stickers at a reasonable cost.
- We are selling a half page of 46 stickers for $1
- These easily fit into a standard DL envelope
- Standard postage of $1 would cover orders up to 4 half sheets.

- Can be emailed to me at and I can post out your return within a day or two.

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